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Often referred to as “the gathering place,” O‘ahu is the lively center and most visited of all Hawaiian Islands. As a paradise for active travelers it is rich in experiences that include nature, culinary discoveries, historic landmarks, shopping, nightlife and festivals.

Start planning your trip with the basics

Our trip planning resources are most useful for first time visitors but even the most seasoned repeat visitor will find a handy tip or two on our site. The following guides will help you get started by giving you the lay of the land, explaining how you can best get around the island, and by walking you through your accommodation options.

Explore our many activities and things to do

Despite its modest size O‘ahu has the widest range of activities and the largest amount of famous sights of all islands in the Hawaiian island chain. Choosing what to do during your stay can quickly become overwhelming, so we break down all activities and things to do in the following categories:

Choose which of the “must see” places you want to see

There are so many sights to see on Oʻahu that it’s natural to worry about choosing the right places. We help you get started by listing our favorite sights and destinations in the following categories: most visited, kid-friendly, outdoors, history, art & culture, scenic spots, and hidden gems.

Get to know our cultural heritage and culinary treasures

From Honolulu’s thriving art scene inspired by local culture, to our innovative food scene where you can discover the next food trend before it goes global, O‘ahu will send you home with unforgettable memories and the true spirit of Hawai‘i.

And dive head-first into our jaw-dropping nature

Despite having Honolulu as cosmopolitan capital there are many ways to explore and get lost in the lush tropical beauty that abounds from mountain to ocean. Being immersed in the rich biodiversity and natural beauty of O‘ahu is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Our guides highlight local experiences and help you discover the authentic Hawai‘i while promoting sustainability and small busines. Discover the hawaiian islands as a traveler - not as a tourist!

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